Dina Ward


A crafting enthusiast and instructor.

  Papercraft has been a long term love of mine.

My crafting journey began back in 1999 from a dream making couple of scrap projects as a homework at school to now making a multitude of exciting designs from vintage, mix media and themed, even found a love of teaching others to help them mae dreams a reality.
Thank you Tom Hatchinson for your lovely English Project books all those years ago that started this journey for me.

  For almost 4 years I’ve successfully run my Vintage Handmade Books store on Etsy, which was closed in 2018 to focus on workshops and helping others.

  I love the challenge of learning new skills and now explore the world of mixed media and redesigning. In 2019 both myself and my craft partner Linda from Stampaholics, started Guildford and Dorking craft clubs to spread the love and happiness making unique pieces and presents.

  Based in Surrey Hills there is an abundance of natural beauty providing their inspiration for the most of my projects. I absolutely love going for long walks and picking up props to use in my crafts to add natural beauty nature provides us.

  I look forward to meeting you! 
Happy crafting my friends.

Linda Farnden


A crafting enthusiast and instructor.


'It all started when we moved from Kent to Surrey. I didn't know anyone in the town.

My husband suggested to join a local meetup.

At the time, I could not find any crafty meetups near us, and I decided to start one myself. I remember the first meetup I ever held. I was a bit nervous about inviting strangers to my home but it turned out well in the end. We spent the whole time chatting, and I remember how nice it felt to be able to chat about things with like minded people. 


Since then, we have made a huge step forward. Some of the things I am most proud of is delivering courses for mental health charities and non-profit organisations.

We worked with the Oakleaf Enterprise and the Recovery College. Mental health issue is very close to my heart. Besides having a teaching background as a Teaching Assistant, More to Life Mentor, I also work within the Community Mental Health Team, it also stems from a personal experience.


And that's why we love what we do.

Besides sharing the passion for crafts, it's also a way of enabling others to learn new skills, gain more confidence and experience the sense of achievement, acceptance and belonging.'

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